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The Prolific Achievers Academy

The Greatest Human Act is to Inspire 


About Us

The Prolific Achievers Academy is an agricultural training institute focused on reconnecting people to plants, the land and their communities holistically. We strive to raise the communities consciousness by transforming the environment from our farming practices. We believe this will help the community develop a deeper connection to the land, while promoting regenerative development and community well-being.


Our methodology is “to teach the students to see the land, understand what they see from a holistic perspective, and enjoy what they understand by transforming that environment.”

Our Programs

Making a Difference



Food Is Medicine


Growing Together


Alternative Therapy Practices

In the News


Want more details about what we do? Scroll below to find stories and the latest updates about how our work is helping make an impact. We invite you to learn more about our efforts and help spread the word about our important cause.

Become a vital member of The Prolific Achievers Academy community to enjoy exclusive access to transformative experiences within our innovative Oxygen Dome. Your membership supports our mission to elevate consciousness, promote regenerative health, and actively contribute to global sustainable development. Join us today as a catalyst for positive change and to enjoy the myriad benefits of Prolific Achievers Academy membership.

Indulge your team in a rejuvenating corporate retreat at The Prolific Achievers Academy's Oxygen Dome, a serene haven designed for healing practices and relaxation. Tailored sessions and immersive programs foster holistic well-being, providing an ideal setting to unwind, recharge, and enhance team synergy within the tranquil embrace of nature.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery with our exclusive masterclasses at The Prolific Achievers Academy's Oxygen Dome. Tailored for intellectual curiosity and personal growth, these sessions offer a unique opportunity to explore consciousness and holistic studies in a serene environment, guided by expert instructors for transformative learning experiences.

Visuals of our Programming

We take great pride and honor in empowering, educating, and healing our youth. It is our steadfast commitment to serve the community, as we believe this will contribute to creating safer neighborhoods. Please take a look at some visuals showcasing our programming.

The P.O.D. Project 

Thank You to our Donors!! 

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the generous donors who have made this collaborative effort possible. Without the support of individuals, foundations, and organizations like:


- The City of Cleveland

- RID-ALL Foundation

- Mt. Sinai Foundation

- St. Lukes Foundation

- The Heart Filled Foundation

- Environmental Health Watch


- Solflower Studio

- LOVE Sustainably

- Ghetto Therapy

- Inner Visions Cleveland

- SpeakEzie Go Hard

- Renewal Cleveland

- Private & Individual Donors


We would not be where we are today. Thank you for your invaluable contributions towards our mission.

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