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The P.O.D. Project

Welcome to the Prolific Oxygen Dome (P.O.D.) Project

Beyond being a gardening space, the P.O.D. is a sanctuary dedicated to mental wellness and tranquility. Nestled within a 33-foot Growing Dome from Growing Spaces on the Urban Agriculture Initiative’s farm, it stands as a living symbol of hope and positive change.

As the P.O.D. stands today, it embodies our commitment to fostering healing and growth in the community. More than just a dream realized, it is a beacon of inspiration, showcasing that through passion and support, we can cultivate pockets of peace and healing in our communities, one Growing Dome at a time.

At the heart of the P.O.D. is our dedication to community outreach and education. Beyond its physical presence, the P.O.D. promises to play a vital role in the community by offering educational programs, workshops, and outreach initiatives. Our goal is to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills to create sustainable and regenerative lifestyles.

Join us in this transformative journey as we continue to grow, empower, and educate. The Prolific Oxygen Dome is more than a space; it's a community-driven initiative, and together, we cultivate not just plants but a flourishing community rooted in wellness, resilience, and shared knowledge.

Step Inside the POD: Nurturing Minds, Cultivating Change

From Vision to Reality: The Prolific Oxygen Dome Unveiled

Built by Growing Spaces, a pioneer in geodesic greenhouse design, the P.O.D. stands as a testament to sustainable living practices. The geodesic dome structure ensures optimal sunlight capture, creating an ideal environment for plant growth while minimizing energy consumption.

The P.O.D. is a result of meticulous planning, sustainable construction, and a shared commitment to fostering positive change. It serves as a living symbol of hope, showcasing the potential to create regenerative spaces that benefit both individuals and the community at large.

In its current state, the Prolific Oxygen Dome (P.O.D.) epitomizes our unwavering commitment to nurturing healing and growth within the community. Far beyond the fulfillment of a mere dream, it stands as a beacon of inspiration, illustrating that our collective passion and support have the transformative potential to cultivate pockets of peace and healing in our communities—one Oxygen Dome at a time.

The construction of the Oxygen Dome within the P.O.D. is a meticulous process that harmoniously merges sustainable practices with innovative design. From the intricately engineered geodesic framework to the thoughtfully chosen covering materials, every detail is a reflection of our dedication to creating a space that not only fosters optimal plant growth but also serves as a sanctuary for individuals seeking tranquility and mental rejuvenation.

Through sustainable construction practices and a profound commitment to community well-being the Oxygen Dome within the P.O.D. has become a symbol of hope and environmental stewardship. As the P.O.D. Project evolves, so does our shared vision for a healthier, more sustainable future—one dome at a time.

The P.o.d. Project

The Prolific Oxygen Dome


Capacity Building

Empowering Others


Transforming Lives

Community Outreach

Helping Those Who Need Us Most

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